I’m Teresa and I want to help make your life amazing.

But wait. What does that even mean? What does amazing look like?

Amazing means:
– A stronger body + more willpower
– Getting out of your head and into your life
– Finding tons of energy to pursue your goals + dreams
– Growing a life that you’re excited about
– And pushing the pause button on the hectic parts of your life

I can help you do all this because nine years ago, I did it myself.

I spent much of my life comparing myself to other people and coming up short. This negativity led to toxic friendships and not loving my body. But an epiphany in savasana changed all that.

One day, while I was relaxing on the my mat, my intuition leaned in close and whispered: “You. You could do this.”  I saw the changes that yoga brought to my own life and realized that this practice gives us the tools to create a vibrant, healthy, radiant life. And I knew I could do that for other people.

And I did! For almost a decade I’ve been helping people feel good in their bodies and happy in their lives. My students tell me that I’m gentle, knowledgeable, passionate and that the positive energy I radiate boosts their moods. Isn’t that lovely?

But after a while, I knew I wanted to do more. After escaping a corporate career that drained me, I knew I could help other women do something similar – take big, exciting steps towards the life they want.

I help bright professionals take a deep breath, let go of all the busyness, and reclaim their confidence, so they can fully participate in their life and feel ready to take on any challenge.

I am thrilled to combine my yoga training and coaching skills to help people in every area of their life – physical, emotional, psychological, and professional.

Together, we will create real, long-lasting transformation. We’ll turn our gazes inward, discover your true desires, and then create an exciting {totally doable} plan to make them a reality.

We’ll work through issues that are keeping your from the life you deserve, create goals that excite you, and claim your power.

This isn’t about finding a slightly better job or being able to give up coffee.
This is about a completely new outlook on life.
This is about believing {and experiencing} that anything is possible.
This is about stepping into the big, amazing life you were meant to live.

Interested in a bigger, better, more amazing life?

Wonderful! I’d love to help you get there. Check out my coaching page here, sign up here to receive my blog and 7 Ways to Unleash Your Radiance and Reconnect to Yourself, or follow along on Twitter and Facebook. I can’t wait to help you get started.