Jewels of Wisdom: 2015 IWR Interview Round-up!


This blog series is about creating a sacred space for women to share their stories, advice, words of wisdom, and challenges to help inspires us all.

It’s about raising our global consciousness to unite and learn from each other as the beautiful women we are. Together, we create a tapestry of love, connection, and wisdom. It’s from this place where we shine.

This month, I’m doing something a little different. Instead of interviewing another amazing woman, I’m choosing inspiring nuggets of insight from each person I’ve had the pleasure to interviewed this year.

I choose 2 questions, “What is one thing you wished you would have known when you were younger?” and “What do you want to tell the women of the world today?” Their answers gave me goosebumps. I know that I need to hear their words over and over again.

We all struggle at some point. The work and our job at that point is to not stay there. It’s to keep moving…

My gift to you is the wisdom from each these beautiful women. I encourage you to read their their insights and implement what speaks to you into your life. Enjoy!

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