Happy coaching clients

test_jennifer_120Teresa, YOU ARE AWESOME!!!
“I feel like I couldn’t even begin to fully detail the personal growth I have experienced. Working with Teresa brought me back to who I am and what I love about myself.

Not only did she help me through a difficult time, but she also helped me in all areas. I am still discovering ways that coaching has changed the choices I make and the things I tell myself. It has strengthened the skills I already had and gave me so many new ones to help me lead a true, calm, and truly happy existence.” -Jennifer Kohler, Minneapolis, MN

test_tricia_120You are empowering, genuine, and fun!
“You have helped me improve in so many ways!! My confidence most definitely and the empowering realization that I can change so many things in my day to day life. I now work towards bigger long term goals, instead of just reacting to things.

I am more confident in my choices and confident in making changes. I finally see the value of simplifying and de-cluttering both in things and activities. I can’t say how incredible and beneficial it has been that Teresa also understands the corporate business world!! This experience has been incredible!” – Tricia Nelson, Minneapolis, MN

test_dawn_120I have gained great insight into myself and the goals I have for my future
“As a coach, Teresa helped me look deeply at my goals for some impending life changes. Through this process we explored past and present personal experiences that may have been road blocks to my path for growth.

Teresa gave me ideas and mini assignments to reflect upon. She guided me through the process with kind and thoughtful support. Her holistic and caring approach to coaching fit my needs through this difficult passage in my life.” – Dawn Roetter, Minneapolis, MN

test_ariana_120It seemed like she knew exactly how I felt
“I love her friendly demeanor and nonjudgmental attitude. Teresa’s ability to really listen to what I was saying and not make “cookie cutter” suggestions was refreshing. She really tailored her approach to meet my needs. She is very easy to work with and talk to and has a lot of experiences and life lessons to pull from.” – Ariana Lowther, Minneapolis, MN