Happy yoga clients

I love how positive the experience is every time
“There are always new quotes, intentions, poses, challenges, and ideas to keep the experience far from banal. I have been attending classes on and off for quite a few years now and I have never experienced the same session.

When I come to yoga class, the first layer of stress crumbles away from my body. Another layer comes off as I am greeted by my fellow yoga folk. Any remaining layers of daily stress melt into the ground as we lie down on our mats in the beginning and are guided by Teresa into a meditative mind-state. As the class ends I feel the confidence, power, and calm needed to effectively take on the next day.

Emotionally I am balanced. Physically my entire body is taller, stronger in more areas, more flexible, and NOTHING had worked for my chronic low back pain until consistent yoga practice. I seriously can’t believe the relief!

I have practiced yoga through the instruction of Teresa for many years now with my mother and sister. Our bond/relationships has grown so strong and deep through meditating together as well as taking time to discuss life situations through topics/ideas brought to us by Teresa in class. I can’t begin to say how thankful I am for that.” – Ian Lowther, acupuncturist, www.ianlowther.com, Minneapolis, MN

Her knowledge of the human body and spirit is phenomenal
“Teresa is a master at giving her students options for adapting poses based on their needs. She shares her knowledge and expertise before, during and after class, always taking time to discuss questions and issues one on one or with all.

I have been able to remain flexible in spite of aging, getting new parts, and the stress of daily life. I use the breathing techniques, poses, and mindfulness she has both lovingly taught and modeled, just by being who she is. Her light-hearted spirit, gentle voice, and calm demeanor set the tone, as she guides us through letting go of distractions, going within, and focusing on our practice.

As the saying goes, “I’m not getting older, I’m getting better.” I even grew 1/2 inch instead of losing height, which at age 64 is not the norm. I continue to work on being present in the present, and thanks to Teresa I am moving on down the road, one step at a time.” – Susan Smith, Minneapolis, MN

After class I leave peaceful and knowing things will work out
“As a teacher Teresa is caring, knowledgeable and passionate about yoga. Her sunny personality makes every class uplifting and better. The positive energy she radiates really boosts my mood. I attend the Monday night class, and it’s the perfect way to start the week because I usually come in stressed about work and how my week will go.

One of the things I love about yoga is that it is more than just a physical class. I love that we dig into some of the different aspects of yoga, like breathing, yamas and niyamas. Teresa brings her unique insights and passion when teaching these to the class.

She is very welcoming to yoga newbie’s, but does it in such a way that it does not take away from those who are more experienced and looking for a challenge in each class.” – Bethany Erfourth, Minneapolis, MN

I highly recommend these classes to anyone who wants to challenge and expand their knowledge and skills in the practice of yoga
“Teresa is very knowledgeable, passionate and gentle with all her students, taking into account their skill level and any special needs they may have.

Her classes are always challenging, well-rounded and she keeps a good pace throughout the session. The variety poses and teachings that she provides the students will help them broaden their appreciation of yoga and all it has to offer.

Personally before coming to class I feel tired, rushed, my body is tight and I have a tension headache. After practicing yoga with Teresa I am relaxed, my tension is released and I am present in the moment.” -Abbie Bolkcom-Smith, Minneapolis, MN

Teresa has a calmness about her that is contagious
“When I arrive at class, I am rushing from work and I am feeling stressed or preoccupied. She always has a theme or thought for the class and it is fresh every time. She is in tune with how everyone is feeling and is willing to change what we do depending on what works. After class, I am uplifted and energized, but at the same time have calmed down and am ready to have a restful night after class.

Her yoga class is a great way to move your body, reduce stress, and learn more about yourself in a non-competitive, challenging, fun environment. Since beginning Teresa’s class I no longer have low back pain, fewer migraine headaches, more confidence, strength and improved flexibility. Teresa you are awesome! You have had a huge impact on my emotional and physical well-being, I am so thankful I found your class!” -Mary Lowther, Minneapolis MN

She encourages to me to devote time to myself
“Teresa has a calm, bright and positive attitude. I come to class and simply unwind from the day to day stresses, not necessarily that I am tense or achy but that I know that it is an hour out of my week that is well spent for my well being. The class has helped me with my flexibility and through her sessions I have greatly improved my posture, which helps relieve tension in my body.

I leave class with a warm and calming feeling. Teresa also has helped by showing me breathing techniques that I can use when I find myself in stressful situations like, traffic jams, doctor’s office or donating blood!” -Jess Horwitz, Minneapolis, MN

Coming to class my mood is anxious from the events of the day, but once I leave class, I feel relaxed and pleased
“What I love about Teresa is that she is genuine, warm, and has the great ability to be in-tune with each of her students and their abilities. Her classes are stimulating, but respectful of each individual’s expertise level.

In taking her classes, I have noticed that my confidence in my body has increased. Middle age hit me hard, but the hour I spend with her gives me clarity and rejuvenation! Thank you, thank you- you are the best!” -Carol Fitz, Burnsville, MN

Yoga opens doors for you, you didn’t know were closed!
“Coming to class each week is like a breath of fresh air. Teresa focuses our attention on the present and what positive attributes we have in our lives. When I come to class there is a separation between my distracted head and my moving body, but during the session the mind and body are brought together in cooperation and harmony, working toward the same goal. After class, it’s like you have a fresh start, leaving stress behind and have renewed energy.

With Teresa’s innovative, knowledgeable instructions, I have increased my flexibility and my balance has improved. She is a teacher who will guide and instruct you in your yoga practice for better self-awareness. The biggest change is getting to know my body better and being able to “Pack a Yoga Bag” of practices for when I am traveling.” – Britt Lundgren, Minneapolis, MN

Yoga makes my week less strenuous
“I’m amazed of the depth of yoga as a practice and thrilled at how it isn’t just a class, but a part of something that is so vast that has the power to simplify and connect things in your life. I always tell people that without yoga class on Monday the week becomes 100x more trying.” – Tricia Nelson, Minneapolis, MN

I leave feeling calm, relaxed, loose and tension free
“Teresa’s style of yoga practice is created uniquely to the participants; individualized and small groups. Teresa is experienced giving individual attention and careful instructions to help you attain poses. I highly recommend her class to people who are stressed, anxious, rushed, stiff and sore. She will guide you to have more flexibility and teach you breathing techniques to help you in high stress situations.” -Cheri Anderson, Hopkins, MN