What I Learned In A Week Of Silence: Let Go To Receive {Part 3}

Business_BlogPath3As I was slowly walking towards the labyrinth it happened. Oh no, was the first thought that came into my mind. Wetness, I could feel it. The outside of my right leg felt wet which only meant one thing. My water bottle opened up inside the small bag I was carrying.

I knew Izzy {I named my iPhone, Izzy} was in there, but it was secure in a zipped plastic bag. When I opened my bag, water poured out. Eek! My journal was a little wet, a poem my husband wrote for me and left me to find was completely drenched, and I forgot to zip the bag Izzy was in. BIG mistake.

I ran back to my room, grabbed a towel and took off Izzy’s protective case. There was water everywhere. I wiped it all off and it seemed to be working fine. Yay, that was a close call.

I decided not to wear my watch this year, so I would feel less time bound and free. Izzy was the only connection to time I had.

After Izzy was free of water, I put her into the bag and zipped it – making sure this time. Now, I could walk the labyrinth. Off I go.

I knew it would take me at least a half hour to get to the center. One of the many reasons I love this labyrinth in particular is because of all the dragon flies. There are so many and lots of different varieties. One in particular, has tan wings with black spots, so it looks leopard like. It’s strikingly beautiful.

I walked the labyrinth slowly using all my senses. I felt something drop. What was that? I looked down and saw Izzy and more water in the zipped bag. Wow, water actually got inside my phone.

I hurried out of the labyrinth, went back to my room, and took off the protective case. I went directly to the kitchen. I broke my silence to ask if they had some rice. They gave me a bag with rice in it. I put Izzy in it, but didn’t know what to do next. An angel, by the name of Carol came to my rescue. She knew exactly what to do and in 2 days, Izzy was working again.

I thought I’d be lost without having a clock of some sort. How would I know when lunch was? What if I didn’t get up in time for meditation? As soon as let that go, things fell into place. Someone let me use their watch, I made a new friend, other things that I had been looking for were there, literally standing in front of me. I was shocked to have all my questions answered. I felt completely taken care of.

When you surrender, you’re saying you’re ready for the things that will move you forward. They will easily come forth in your life. Letting go opens you up to receiving exactly what you need. It reminds us that we are indeed taken care of.

When Izzy was resting in her bed of rice, I felt lost. We’re so conditioned to plan according to time. When I realized I didn’t have to worry, I was at a silent retreat after all. What did I really NEED to do? Nothing. When I surrendered, doors opened quickly. I was amazed by this process. It taught me to trust. Trust that everything will always work out.

What can you take away from this?

Let go of trying to…
… Be perfect
… Please everyone
… Do the right thing
… Come up with the right answer
… Be busy all the time {busy is seriously overrated}
… Not stumble or fall or fail
… Be supermom/dad

By living a life that’s not ours we loose ourselves. 

You don’t have to do anything for anyone. You don’t have to always be nice. It’s ok to admit you were wrong or that something you were working on didn’t work as planned. Let people SEE you.

Trust that everything will work out.

Let go, so you can open up to having more freedom and a sense of ease. Everything you need is already present in some form.

Stillness, calm, freedom,
My feelings in sweet silence,
Coming home to me.

Journal entry: It’s 5:20pm. I decided to go to the lake before dinner. Sitting on the dock, I put my feet in the water. It’s warm. I love it. The lake is so clear you can see all the way down to the bottom. I spot little sunfish. They’re so cute. Please don’t bite my toes. I’m mesmerized by the iridescent colors on their fins. When the sunlight strikes their fins, they look like they’re glowing.

I noticed bubbles on the top of the water. It looks as though there’s something inside the bubbles. Strange. That can’t be? I move a bubble with my foot. It pops and I see nothing. I look more closely {without falling in to the lake} and I begin to realize I’m seeing a reflection of my legs in the bubbles! I laugh at myself. I watch the sunfish and they watch me. It’s time to go. As I’m walking off the dock, I hear a loon and my heart melts.

The reason I spend a week in silence every year? I get introduced to me again on a much deeper level and I get to be me without distractions. I have the opportunity to learn so much more than what I would in my every day environment.

Silence teaches, opens doors that were closed, and heals.

“Only when you drink from the river of silence shall you indeed sing. And when you have reached the mountain top, then you shall begin to climb. And when the earth shall claim your limbs, then you shall truly dance.” – Khail Gibran



    • Teresa Neuhaus says

      Thank you for the beautiful words Lora! You can do it. I’m a talker too. 😉 Start with a weekend first, so it’s not too intense. I think you’d really like it.

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