Your Adventure is Calling…Will You Answer?

Blog_October15Photo2Adventure. It’s a loaded word, isn’t it? It can feel big, imposing, and almost impossible.

What does adventure mean? I like this definition: noun/ an exciting or remarkable experience.

Think back to when you were young, for a moment. What did you want to do, see, accomplish, become, or have?

When I was young, my brother and I would go into the attic. We would be there for hours looking through things, mostly the full collection of encyclopedias and the globe. I would choose a book from the encyclopedia collection, open a page, and start reading. Learning about something I didn’t know existed in my 10 year world was thrilling. I was fascinated and amused.

However, I loved the globe. We would spin it then put our finger on a spot and quickly figure out where it was. Sometimes, we had no clue and would look it up in the encyclopedia. If it was a “good” spot meaning I could visualize the place, I would immediately think about living there. I created it in my imagination.

Once, my finger landed on Florida. I told my brother I wanted to live there. It became a thing. I was living in Florida. He wanted to live in Texas. Little did I know that the dream of living in Florida would happen. Life is pretty amazing isn’t it? The twists and turns. Sometimes, you get exactly what you want.

For me, adventure is traveling. Going off the map. Traveling fuels my love of learning and takes me out of my culture and into another. I see new perspectives, ideas, and ways of living. I open up and feel free.

What’s your adventure? What lives inside of you that needs to be set free?

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